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Our Stockist Philosophy

As an organization, we believe in the value of the consultation process that you will receive from our authorised, trained outlets. This ensures that the right combination of Jan Marini Skin Research products are purchased for the specific skin care needs you are looking to address.

We are fortunate to have some amazing clinics and skin care specialists as our customers, why not contact us to find out your nearest outlet? Please e-mail us on with your postcode or call us on 020 8868 4411 and we will promptly advise you on your nearest authorised stockist.

Consultations by phone with a Jan Marini Skin Research specialist and buying direct from JMSR Europe Ltd

You can contact us directly for a personal skin care consultation or a referral to a Jan Marini Skin Research authorized stockist near you. Purchase is possible from us at JMSR Europe Ltd over the phone. Products are despatched same day if the order is received before 12, there are no delivery costs – we charge suggested retail price. Tel 020 8868 4411

Buying Jan Marini Skin Research on the internet

You can purchase products from this site, direct from us

If you decide to purchase elsewhere, please, make sure you are buying from a trained, approved Jan Marini Skin Research stockist. We have some fantastic outlets operating sites on the internet. If you feel unsure about the outlet you are buying from, call or mail us and we will quickly inform you if they are an approved European stockist.

It is important that you purchase products suitable for your individual requirements, if you are in doubt please call and discuss your requirements with your internet supplier.

Please note, in compliance with legislative requirements, approved U.S dealers or dealers outside your national territory will not process or ship orders to you. In addition, please be aware  there some products in the Jan Marini Skin Research portfolio  are unfortunately  not legally available from us or for importation into the EU.  However, all the products listed on this website are legally available via JMSR Europe Ltd and its accredited stockists.

Legally available products in the EU are prepared specifically for the European market in accordance with legislative guidelines.

Seen an amazingly cheap deal on the internet?

Our advice is don’t be tempted. Unfortunately, there are a small number of unscrupulous traders, not trained in how to use or sell Jan Marini Skin Research products who have disappointed customers. JMSR Europe does not endorse resellers  including  Ebay, Amazon, Strawberrynet or other similar sites.

End user disappointments have included, buying product of dubious origin, purchasing out of date or damaged  stock, receiving the wrong kind of advice, damage to skin from products of dubious origin and non –despatch of promised products.

JMSR Europe Ltd does not take any responsibility for purchaser dissatisfaction from purchases made on unauthorised sites.